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Welcome to JB Guitar Picks

A dedicated guitar player is often in sync with his or her instrument. However, what is often taken for granted is what stands between the instrument and who is playing it: the small piece that translates the movement of your fingers onto the string–the pick.

The quality of a pick is essential in capturing the intended sound a guitarist wants to hear when playing. Whether you have been playing guitar for years or are just a beginner, chances are you haven’t found a pick that is completely satisfactory to you. You may have the perfect guitar, but without the right pick, you have yet to create that perfect sound.

My name is JB and a few years ago, I decided to make it my mission to provide players with a high quality pick for a fair price. JB Guitar Picks is based in Brooklyn N.Y and is solely run by me. I handle everything myself so every customer deals with me and only me. JB picks are made from celluloid and are custom beveled by my own hands. I believe that hand beveling ensures an organic design that puts your fingers at ease while also optimizing your control over the intended sound. JB picks have been reviewed as helping players achieve their desired tone and the sleek body of the picks glide along the string like a hand through water.

Purchase a pick from JB Guitar Picks so you can finally capture that perfect sound you have been chasing all your life.