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JB Picks (https://jbguitarpicks.com) Corozo Models (9.5/10) – JB has released a new line of picks made out of Corozo…which looks and feels like bone but has a warmer/darker sound. The Corozo line also sports a few new pick shapes in addition to the original JB models (351 and Jazz III shapes). There’s a medium sized teardrop, which is slightly larger than the typical mini teardrop shapes that a lot of companies make, and my newest favorite JB model, a large jazz shaped design that’s just about as big as a 351 and includes grip holes. This model is great for players who like the typical Jazz III shape but want the feel of a larger pick. Not much more to say about these…bottom line: the Corozo produces a warm sound, a bit darker than celluloid, and the new shapes are great. Like all JBs, they’re offered with bevel options. Definitely worth checking out, especially at their affordable price.

2mm Jazz Sonic Bevel (9.5/10) – I absolutely love these picks. They’re made out of a tortoise shell polycarbonate plastic that is hard to find due to its apparent flammability. The speed bevel, or “sonic” bevel as JB calls it, is absolutely perfect…it’s a little more dramatic than most speed bevels and makes for a super speedy piece. Add a very musical tone and awesome playability and you have an amazing pick.

2mm 351 Shell Sonic Bevel (9/10) – All the features and playability of the Jazz model above but in a classic 351 shape. *Note: I’ve tried all the Jazz models with all different tips and while I can’t say enough to review them, I do highly recommend trying them out

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Amazing, how quick you guys are.

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 30 years and the last 10 years I’ve been on a search for the right pick.  As a professional musician and teacher I’ve always stressed how import the quality of pick you use. Guitarist are always changing amps and fx to get the right tone and I look at what kind of pick they use and it’s some cheap plastic pick.  A $12 pick is a lot cheaper than a 4k Dumble knock off.  About 7 years ago I stumbled across the rxxxxxr picks. That was a game changer for me because I realized it was the missing link in my quest for tone. The high quality material does make a difference! The problem with rxxxxxr is they are expensive and the guy who runs the business doesn’t know what hell he’s doing. He’s an arrogant prick. At least from my experience. It’s almost impossible to get the right pick from him. It once took me 6 months to get 2 picks from him (not exaggerating). I had to bug him about once a week. I told him someday someone will eventually make a better and less expensive pick than you. He laughed at me. Well I want to thank you for proving me right! The Corozo picks are better, less expensive, and you ship extremely fast. I have several rxxxxxr picks and for the last two months I’ve been comparing them with the  corozo picks. Moreover, I’ve  tried just about every pick out there, dragon picks, Bxxx xxxp, surf picks, etc… The corozo are by far (at least for me) the best overall sounding pick. I want a pick that works well from clean Strat sounds to overdrive Les Paul to acoustic guitars. For me the corozo picks do just that. Can’t say enough good things about these picks. It’s a real joy to find a pick/company I can depend on. Thank you.

Best regards,


Chris OHara

Hello JB Picks,

Just wanted to let you know I love the picks I received this Monday. In fact I love them so much I just placed another order #2005 🙂 .

I have been on the quest to find the right picks. I have ordered so many picks from different manufacturers and wasted so much money over the years.  I love the feel of the Jazz 2.0 mm pick. I played both the Jazz and the Corozo Jazz back and forth and I must admit I like the feel of the non- Corozo one better. Just my opinion.  I ordered another jazz 2.0 sb and two jazz nt’s this go around. I’ll see if I like the more dominant tip on the narrow tip instead of the speed bevel.

Well I have ranted enough…great product and fair price on the picks.

Thank you for your time,

Vincent Gargano

( A New Yorker trapped in Florida )

Vincent Gargano

Good morning JB,

Just wanted to let you know that I received my order yesterday afternoon (USPS didn’t change the tracking status until just before they delivered them).
I tried them out first this morning, and all I can say is “excellent work”!
I’ve been playing guitar since ’65, tried lots and lots of different picks — including the ‘Stoned Picks’ back in the ’80s — and yours truly are superior to anything I’ve ever used. Nothing else even comes close.
I just went back into your online store and ordered 5 of your Corozo Big Jazz GP SB picks. 🙂
I can leave a 5-star review wherever you’d like; just send me a link.
Ed Roberts
Ed Roberts

Got my four picks today, super fast. I had to tell you about how your picks are working out now that I’ve used them on three gigs. The sound is big-think huge-and it feels so good between my thumb and finger! Zero drag on the strings, smooth as can be. The single notes are even fatter and richer. These are the nicest picks I have ever had the pleasure to use!

Thank you,

Steven Flygare

Hi again JB, you’ll get a kick out of this, I played the other 1.5 last night and now it is my favorite! I won’t be returning anything, these are the finest picks I’ve ever used and I think I am just getting the hang of them. They play so smoothly with no rough string drag to slow me down. I have to play fast jazz a lot and these things really go! They are also louder with a great tone. I used D’Andrea Pro Plecs, medium rounded tear drop, for 20 years and they got discontinued. I like a gently rounded tip as opposed to pointy, but I had to find another option and what you are doing is exactly what I need. I’ll just order more and if you see my name come up, send me the dark sounding ones with less pointy tips. These are handmade and individual, unique and every one sounds a little different!

Thank you for your excellent work!

Steven Flygare

Steven Flygare

Hi JB:

Just got another batch of your picks. I’ve been on a quest for the perfect pick for many years. Just wanted to drop a note saying I love what you’re doing – which is producing really great stuff! When I figure out which one is right for me, I will be ordering a bunch more. I was telling a friend of mine about you. You can have a $5,000 guitar and a $3,000 amp, and yet a 50-cent piece of plastic can have just as much effect on the sound. Of course, yours are more than 50 cents, but infinitely worth it! The right pick is a huge frickin’ deal! Thank you again! Best, Michael Karath
Napa, California

Michael Karath

Hi JB, I am an admittedly average player. I am blessed that one of my guitars in particular is a very nice, rich, responsive instrument. Your picks are the perfect complement to this, and all of my instruments. They have a beautiful tone with little or no pick noise. I’ve bought several different styles and thicknesses, as I experiment with the shape and sound I like for whatever style. Truly amazing. Your picks help bring out the most of my instrument and my playing. I thank you for that!


JB, As a professional jazz guitarist and a huge gear nerd, I’ve been buying boutique guitar picks from just about every known brand out there. if you’ve investigated for yourself, you know that some of these specialty picks can cost upwards of $50. Once I tried the JB 2mm sonic bevel, the search ended. this pick is exactly what I had imagined. The bevel on these is absolutely perfect…I honestly just stare at it sometimes. These picks just slide off the string. I honestly can’t imagine a better pick. I’ll be using these for as long as they’re around.

Pete A.Philadelphia, PA

Dear jb guitar picks, I just wanted to tell you that I really like your picks. My son and my friends like them as well, I haven’t been able to wear one out yet. But it seems that every time I school people on the importance of choosing a pick, I loose my JB pick. I just wanted to say thanks.


JB Many thanks for delivery of recent order received this morning in UK. I reckon these are the best picks on the planet at the moment.


Im Jose from Spain and Im professional guitar player and producer. Today I have received my first JB picks and only I want to tell you that really I like them. Sounds really good and the tone and feel is GREAT. Best, Jose.


I ordered them from EBay, They came to my home today. I’ve been playing them for the last hour and a half. I fell in love with them instantly. I just ordered 3 more.. I’m a professional Jazz/ R&B Guitarist..I’m the former Guitarist/Musical director for Boyz II Men. Now I’m doing my own solo gig as a leader. I play all around the world. I’ve had hundreds of picks from all over the world. Picks made from every material from metal to bone and everything in between. No sound like my original Tortoise Pick I brought from Japan back in the 80’s I’ve warn that pick down to a nub. Today I’ve found the sounds like my tortoise shell pick. I just had to contact you all and say thanks. You have a new follower. I’m endorsed with Gibson Guitars and I used the pick on my Super 400 and I lost my mind. all I heard was pure tone without all the squeak you get from cheap imitations. Thanks for making my Day.. These picks are AWESOME!!!

Freddie J.Cooper

John, Your picks never cease to amaze me. Just ordered a triangle 1.0mm sonic and cat wait to get it. I’m starting to step out of rhythm playing and more into flatpicking and I have to tell you, your picks make all the difference in speed and feel, and as always the gorgeous tone. I’m playing a 1972 D35 which is a cannon on its own but with your picks it just roars, my flatpicking machine is a heavily modified 2005 D16 which I’m looking forward to trying the triangle on….the sonic really bring out the sweet woody tone of the D16. I wouldn’t trade one of my many JB picks for a whole bag of the “other guys” …..and I’ve tried them all. I am the proud owner of a pre-ban (my grandmothers) 1.0 mm tortoise shell pick….yours is without a doubt the closest to the real thing….bar none. Keep up the good work!!

Bob Meeks

Hi JB, I’ve been using your picks for a couple of weeks now, and I’m absolutely blown away. My playing and tone have improved by leaps and bounds. My ability to play dynamically is off the charts compared to what it was. My speed and accuracy have never been this good. You are the absolute BEST at what you do. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! All the best


My name is Dale Pierce. A few days ago I ordered a narrow shell and a special request for a narrow tip for all three sides of a three in one. I received my order today and was shocked to see all of the extra items included. I have to tell you that I have used and ordered from everyone- V-picks, Red

Dale Pierce